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Population Management Advisor

Your Population Management Advisor (PMA) is a single point of contact for your practice to access all the services available to you and to provide tips on how to maximize efficiencies in your office. PMAs help you understand Population Health including: 

  • General information and physician requirements.  
  • Education and support for physicians and office staff to meet requirements for MACRA and other government payment models. 
  • Implementation, optimization, and support of Population Health technology.


Provider Education and Optimization

The Provider Education and Optimization team supports your office with Population Health technology solutions. The Provider Education and Optimization team can help:

  • Implement/optimize Population Health technology solutions including engagement with preferred Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  • Provide education and support to meet requirements for MACRA and other government payment models.


Provider Experience Center

The Provider Experience Center is available to assist physicians and their staff Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Representatives provide exceptional support, answer questions, and resolve concerns.


Health Management

Health Management is an ambulatory care management model where highly trained nurse health coaches support your office by reinforcing your treatment plans for population patients with high- and rising-risk patients. This model is a whole-person approach to managing chronic illness, eliminating gaps in care, reducing fragmentation and improving communication while focusing on the needs of the patient and working collaboratively with physicians.